• Website Security Scan

    We will complete a full security scan of the website to identify and investigate how the malware or malicious code infected the website.

  • Website Fixed

    Once we have completed a detailed security scan of the website files and MYSQL database we guarantee to remove the malware and to fix your website.

  • Website Secured

    We will put a variety of security measures in place to ensure the website is safe and secure and protected against attacks from cyber criminals.

Joomla Website Hacked ?

  1.  Joomla website hacked by hackers who have distributed malware for criminal purposes.
  2. The website is injected with hidden pharmacy links.
  3. You are unable to send emails because the website is blacklisted for sending spam emails.
  4. You have lost all your traffic and sales from Google because your website is blacklisted.
  5. The web hosting company has suspended your website.
  6. Your website is installing malware on your website visitor computers.
  7. Google has blacklisted your website in search results with the label This site may be hacked

The following is included in the security service we offer

  1. We will take a full backup of the website including all the Joomla! files and MYSQL database before we start the work and after we have 100% removed the malware code and secured the website.
  2. Complete a detailed security scan of your website to identify and investigate how the malware or malicious code infected the website.
  3. Remove the malware and any malicious code from the website.
  4. If the website is using an outdated version of Joomla we will update the site to the latest, stable and secure version
  5. Review all the Joomla extensions at the website and update them to the latest version if required.
  6. Use a number of best practices Joomla! security measures to secure the website from future attacks.
  7. Add an additional security layer using custom .htaccess security rules to protect the Joomla files and database from malicious attacks.
  8. Once we are 100% happy that your website is clean and secure we will complete a full Cpanel or Plesk hosting file and MySql backup of the website.
  9. We will communicate with Google to remove “This website may be hacked” label.

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